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Blue Oak Services

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What We Do: Services
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Financial and Retirement Planning

The best way to achieve your goals is through rigorous planning.


Following a review of your current circumstances and having gained a thorough understanding of what you want to achieve, we will use the best technology available to build a comprehensive plan for you and your family. This plan will include:

  • Cash flow modelling

  • Pension structuring and retirement forecasting

  • Protection planning

  • Mortgage Rate Review

  • Optimal Investment strategy

  • Succession and Estate planning

With decades of experience in dealing with our client's goals and problems, our experience and practical insights will bring any plan to life for you and your family. 

Office Consultation

Pension Consultancy to Professional Firms

We offer comprehensive pre and post retirement consultancy services for individuals, partnerships, employers, trustees and scheme members, which includes:


  • Retirement Strategy and Structuring

  • Pension Technical Advice and Compliance

  • Pension structuring in the event of death

  • Pension Funding and consolidation

  • Pension Adjustment Orders

  • Structuring bespoke investments


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Wealth Management and Investments

'Simplicity where possible, complexity where necessary'

Advisors can over complicate portfolios with no advantage to clients. Very often, expensive and opaque investments, rarely in the client's best interest are the result. Managing costs is critical. 

Building an investment strategy based on time honoured principles such as diversification, optimal asset allocation and downside risk management will achieve the best long-term results for you in every environment.


When more complex instruments are required, they should be used.

Blue Oak will ensure all costs are itemised, transparency is prioritised and your long term interests are put first. 

Blue Oak will strip out all unnecessary fees ensuring you and your family enjoy the best value from your advisors. 

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